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Being Unlimited!

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No condolences please. I may be dead; or you can say I have just passed on but now I am truly UNLIMITED! I have no boundaries now and my body does not restrict me. I look down as I rise on a cloud and see the people I have left behind … mourning ….some weeping real tears. I wonder why? Because I, I feel truly unlimited. I notice sullen faces of people I never expected would turn up on this occasion. I wonder why? Because I feel truly Unlimited…
My Alarm goes off and I am jolted to a Monday morning. Another week ahead and I jump out of bed leaving this dream of my funeral behind. It is the real world; I need to head to the gym and run a couple of meetings and spend some time juggling between content design and an upcoming programme delivery, get back home wading through the Kurla traffic, run some errands with my dad, co-cook a meal with my wife and do the dishes when were done with our meal. In between I have the pleasure of giving my 5 month old baby a bath and singing stupid tunes and watch her laugh.
For now, there is a lot on my mind …I kiss my wife and daughter goodbye, whisper a prayer and am off to Edelweiss an artificial person created by law. It is legally limited but in its endeavour to create value is truly unlimited! It is my professional alma mater!
So I wonder what this means? Does it impact me? And how do I impact it?
To be unlimited is to go beyond! The Beatles sang about the working class hero a man who is one of the masses. He goes beyond …every single day …but for what? If a company is set ablaze with passion then its people are set ablaze as well and in turn the company is a raging fire!! It is this give and take that matters and the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Soon you have a collective unconscious that is going beyond at all times. And the people who see this rise above mediocrity!
I see some passionate people at office every day; they do not work because they need a job they work because it is an expression! My expression is learning …I love it because it is an uncomfortable process, it needs you to observe, it needs you to enter an ocean where saying ‘I don’t know’ is just the beginning of wisdom and in this ocean I find an unlimited expression of who I am.
Being unlimited is expressed in simple language and you can hear it and recognise it. Over the last year and a nine months that I have been part of this organisation, the conversation has shifted from “What do we need to do today” to “What are our must wins for this week”; From “I have submitted my project” to “Do you need help with yours”; From “providing reviews” to “providing feedback”; from “were done with this” to “What’s next?”
While there is a long way to go…the idea is go beyond…never settle!
Moving on, Being Unlimited, is the everyday sacrifices that people from all walks of life make. The smile on the janitor’s face and the morning greeting that wakes you up from your mumbling to the mother who has left her baby at home with a nanny and forced herself to work; puts a smile on her face while she is thinking of the cooing and the crawling as she catches up with all she has missed post maternity leave; let’s not forget our sales guys who face rejection and sweltering heat but they sell because it gives them a kick; because they believe they are building wealth or protecting lives. In the insurance business, the pride of handing over a cheque to a widow makes him feel like he is god. Let’s also not forget instances of team members who pooled in funds to help their colleague attend to a family exigency. These are every day stories of unlimited beings. I admire them! In the VUCA world we are always left short no matter what we achieve but the ability to pick yourself up the ability to look at our humanness and still shine is an unlimited feeling. I see it every day at work.
It inspires me and I believe I belong to that number. I believe I am unlimited not because I am a perfect professional but because I am not!
And in that imperfection, I will pick myself up and start again if I have to. In that imperfection, I have faith in the environment I work in and its unlimited endeavour rubbing off on me! My team who is persistent at every step juggling various projects so we inch forward every day.
After all, we all want to leave something behind and in that sense we all want to be unlimited! I have found Edelweiss to be a fertile ground for limitlessness! As I write, it is past midnight and I’m falling asleep wondering what I will dream of? I smile, a grateful smile, at the opportunity of yet another day at work a day that will be truly ‘Unlimited’

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