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Life Insurance Can Meet Everyone’s Needs!

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We often put off buying insurance for various reasons. Insurance can prove to be a life-saver of a financial tool no matter what is your life stage or your current lifestyle. All that matters is that you correctly assess your needs and invest in a plan that’s right for you. Have a look on what grounds these people bought life Insurance to aid their life in future uncertainties.

  1. Reena (24) and Rahul (25) married young. While Rahul works as an executive with a well-known MNC, Reena was once a successful teacher. However, after the birth of their daughter, Reena decided she wanted to be a stay-at-home mother.

Although Rahul earns enough to run the household and afford luxuries like international travel for the family, they decided to opt for an insurance plan. Here’s what they had to say “Taking a unit-linked insurance plan has allowed us to ensure that our family against unforeseen events while making investments. Before we know it, our little daughter will be grown and the funds could come in use for her education. Besides, eventually, we want her to learn to manage her own finances and for that, she must know the importance of insurance and what better way to teach than by example?”

  1. Ajay (28) has worked hard at a financial advisory company for over 5 years now. He joined this company straight out of business school and has recently been promoted to middle management. While he is admired for his sincerity and dedication to his work, he has always dreamed of an early retirement and has taken a retirement plan to make these dreams turn in to a reality.

Although he has traveled extensively for his business trips, he knows he still has a lot of exploring to do. He says, “I’ve been to Paris, sure. But I haven’t really seen Paris. I believe in hard work and I believe in reaping the benefit of that work. I know my retirement plan will provide me with the security I’ll need when I’m grey. The only thing I’ll have to worry about is seeing the world.”

  1. Puneet is a young and successful entrepreneur with his own venture. He built an advertising agency all by himself from the ground up. This took him 8 years of hard work. Today he employs about 50 people who together run this business. Puneet is well versed with the ins and outs of all aspects of his company. Unfortunately, Puneet’s father passed away when Puneet was just 15 years old. This was a devastating loss but Puneet overcame the odds. He says, “Although my dad is not alive, his spirit is everlasting. It was tough losing him, but his legacy continues with the work I do. The term plan my dad opted for helped me make my successful company. My dad’s passing was untoward. But, my dad ensured that we were always taken care of. What’s more, my business too could find a safety net.”

There are a variety of insurance plans available today. Each plan serves different purposes, based on your need. Before you decide on an insurance policy, it’s important to weigh your options carefully. Make an informed decision about the insurance plan you pick.

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