If your child is a superstar, you need to secure him with rising star!

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Daksh lives with his father. He loved playing football and his father always encouraged him.

The journey of life is filled with memorable events like buying your own house, getting married; having children and post-retirement. However, each of these events requires a lot of hard work and planning.

When Daksh entered high school he was very determined about playing football. Eventually, Daksh got a chance to play for the city club but this required a fee which fortunately Daksh’s father had in saved in advance for this tournament but what about such opportunities that can occur in the future? His father has to save a huge amount of money to secure Daksh’s dream of becoming a star in football. Also what if an unfortunate event of death occurs to his dad? Will his dreams be fulfilled? Daksh father’s unfortunate demise can shatter all his dreams!

Finances play a huge role in ensuring that your child’s career goals come to fruition. Parents always endeavour to support their children so that they are able to spread their wings and fly as high as they can. These wings are the wings of education and skills which may need financial support.

There are many investment options available today. The new age online Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP), Edelweiss Tokio Life Wealth Plus helps you achieve your goals effectively while offering an additional benefit of an insurance cover.

This is a one of its kind insurance plan that also offers multiple unbelievable benefits to its customers. It has no premium allocation and policy administration charges. The only thing the company expects from the policyholder is to stay invested and pay the premium on time.

Also, apart from 100% allocation of your premium during the paying term period, one will also get the additional allocation every year. The extra allocation will be added in the first 5 years of the policy along with your premiums paid. Premium boosters will be added after the first 5 years at the end of each policy year. This means 1st to 5th year-1% of premium will be paid, 6th to 10th year – 3% of premium will be paid, 11th to 15th year it would be 5% of the premium and 16th to 20th year it would rise up to 7% of the premium amount.

It also provides an option to choose the Rising Star Benefit in your absence which offers the option of a child plan.
If you are a parent then this is a unique benefit for which can not only secure your child in your absence but also financially support his/her career goals in your absence.
How does it work?

On the death of the policyholder, a lump sum amount will be paid on an immediate basis. No changes will be made to the future extra allocation and premium booster. All the future premiums will be added by the company immediately thereby boosting the maturity value.

This plan also offers flexibility where partial withdrawals can be made; a change in premium paying term is possible along with unlimited free switches between funds, unlimited premium redirection and unlimited opt-in and opt-out options between the investment strategies.

If you want to ensure that your child’s future financial needs are taken care of even in your absence, then you should definitely opt for Rising Star Benefit.
No matter what your child aspires to be; financial challenges shouldn’t paralyse his dreams. You should be financially prepared to support the costs of higher education. Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Plus can help you achieve it effectively.
Remember – If your child is a superstar you need to secure him with rising star!

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