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7 Investment Objectives

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‘Save first, spend later’ is the motto for a financially stable life. With marketing bombardment, we have been lured into buying something that we don’t really need. In such a scenario, your savings are practically non-existent. One easy and highly advantageous way of rectifying this problem is through investments. You set aside a certain amount of money every month for investing purposes; this will then multiply over the years to give you large sum. Investments are a safe way of growing your money with minimum effort on your part.

Here are 7 investment objectives that you must keep in mind:

1. Financial Independence
We all crave for financial independence; none of us would like to be dependent on someone else for our next meal. Investments help you to achieve financial independence; they get you into the habit of saving money regularly and help you to differentiate between what you want and what you need.

2. Goals
Everyone has long-term goals; it can be buying your own home or opening your restaurant. In this money-oriented world, money is essential for achieving any goal. Investments make the path towards achieving your goals a smoother ride.

3. Retirement
After working hard your entire life, you look forward to a comfortable retirement. Perhaps take that world tour with your spouse or retire to the countryside; these all require money. The wise investments that you made in your youth will fund all your desires and make your retirement financially comfortable.

4. Emergencies
Life is unpredictable; one second might be perfect while the next may be a catastrophe. While you cannot predict an emergency, you can definitely make preparations for one. Early investments will come to your aid is such contingencies.

5. Unforeseen Expenses
Many of our regular expenses are arise due to unforeseen circumstances. These may seem small expenses but all of them together will produce a serious dent in your budget plans. Again, your investments will come to your rescue.

6. Variety of options
Often, you have the urge to take your spouse out on dinner or a weekend getaway and spend some quality time with them. Or maybe take your kids to Disneyland. These little plans bring great joy to you and your loved ones and strengthen the bonds that you share. Smart investments make it possible for you to indulge in such things.

7. Keep inflation at bay
The rising cost of living is making it difficult for most people to meet their goals. A savings bank account cannot give you returns to keep up with inflation. Only a long-term financial planning strategy shall arm you in combating inflation and achieving higher tax efficiency. Insurance is an avenue to assist you to overcome this hurdle.

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