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Life Is Unpredictable Plan Before It’s Too Late

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The World T20 championship has just ended. West Indies won the final in a nail-biting finish wherein they scored 4 sixes in the last over to seal the match. The tournament was full of such matches which went down to the wire. Nobody could predict the winner till the last ball was bowled. Such close finishes are good to watch, but do you have any idea what tension they cause to the players involved in it?

The demise of a near and dear one also causes such tension, metaphorically speaking. The family members are unsure of how life will shape and what the future holds for them. The sudden departure of the breadwinner from their lives throws them off balance and their life reaches a crossroad. The slog overs in cricket are for throwing your bat around. A lot of things depend on luck and timing. If the ball hits the middle of the bat and zooms into empty space, you get the best result. Otherwise, it is curtains. Life is much more serious. Leaving a lot to be done in the slog overs when the main batsman of the household is not there would put a lot of stress on the family. Hence, it is important that your family members are protected when you are not around.

But how do you score the runs for your family when you are not around to do that. Basically, by getting yourself insured with a Term plan. A Term plan is a pure and traditional type of insurance policy that ensures that in the event of demise of the Life Assured during the policy term, their family receives a fixed amount as a lumpsum or monthly payout or a combination of both. Start young so that you get the policy at a cheaper premium as compared to when you are older.

Edelweiss Tokio Life MyLife+ is a term plan which encapsulates all the benefits of a term plan plus gives you life cover till the age of 80. For instance, if you are 30 years old when you buy the policy with a term of 50 years, your family gets a fixed payout in the event of you passing away before reaching 80 years of age.

So, don’t wait for the slog. Insure today so that even if you are not there at the crease, your family is able to score the winning runs.

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