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Critical illness plans to protect you financially

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Vikas, a 35-year old executive working as an IT engineer in a software company, had a happy existence with his banker wife and two school-going kids. Everything was going good when suddenly one day he suffered a seizure in office. His mind went blank; he started trembling all over and collapsed on the ground, unconscious. The doctors diagnosed that he had a stroke. A small clot in his brain caused the same. The doctors had decided against operating it and put him on medicines and suggested that he take rest for a period of 6 months to a year for complete recovery.

This was both good as well as bad news

The situation had both good as well as bad news. The good news was that there was no chance of permanent impairment and the bad news was that he had to take time off from work to recover. During this period of forced lay-off, who would take care of the home loan EMI’s, children’s school fees, costs of physiotherapy and medicines. Although Vikas had mediclaim, that would not cover these expenses. Thankfully, Vikas’ wife’s income coupled with their savings could be enough to help them through this period. Their parents also pledged their financial support to Vikas.

What if?

What if Vikas’s wife’s salary would not have been enough? Or their parents would not have been financially well-endowed? Not everyone would be having the same kind of luck that Vikas had. It’s prudent to make provisions for such events in advance so that your recovery is stress-free. A critical illness insurance plan is an arrangement that can help you when you a critical illness has put you under financial burden.

A critical illness insurance plan

A critical illness insurance plan like Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ gives the policyholder a lump sum amount when he is diagnosed with a pre-listed critical illness anytime during the policy term. It’s different from mediclaim in the sense that for claiming the amount in a mediclaim policy, you require to show that you have been hospitalised, whereas for claiming the amount in a critical illness policy, a diagnosis report is sufficient.

Generate a quote today and find out what it takes to stay prepared for a critical illness.

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