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Have you covered risks of natural calamities?

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Will your family be secure…when natural calamities strike?

The recent earthquake in Nepal, floods in Kashmir or the landslide in Uttarakhand two years back remind us that this man-made world can crumble like a pack of cards when nature strikes. Though we cannot do much to predict or prevent the level of carnage caused by such catastrophic calamities; we can do our bit to minimise the damage that comes in their wake.


By securing the lives of our family members.

After the unfortunate event of a calamity, the survivors take time to find their stride. Calamities hit rural & urban areas likewise. The floods on 26th July, 2005 took a toll on the people of Mumbai and so it was a similar story in Chennai in December 2015. It’s a struggle for people who lose their homes or wealth in the aftermath of the calamity. The financial liabilities of EMI’s, medical expenses and other related expenses can break the spirit of even the strongest person. In such situations, any kind of financial support is a blessing.

Buy a term insurance plan

A term insurance plan like ‘Edelweiss Tokio Life MyLife+‘ covers death under most circumstances. The insurance policy kicks in on the event of tragedy due to a natural calamity as well. The lump sum amount received by the family bereft of the deceased gives them some form of consolation, without having to bother about how they are going to make ends meet.


Natural calamities don’t seek appointments. Make arrangements today to secure your family against the fury of a natural calamity by opting for a term insurance plan.

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