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Life Insurance is all about love

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Many of us think that Life insurance is about death. Most of us think that life insurance will not benefit us but the nominee. This is true for term or protection plans under life insurance. When it comes to term insurance policy the nominee will receive a sum assured in case an unfortunate event occurs to the policyholder. Many times, people are not able to make a decision because it doesn’t provide a benefit when the policyholder is alive.  This makes them think that life insurance is about death but that’s not true… Life Insurance is truly all about Love…love for your spouse, children, parents! What’s a better way to express your love than to insure that your love goes on flourishing even when you’re not around? Love is all about making commitments and a term plan is commitment which will even when in your absence. You are ensuring the financial future of your loved ones by providing them with the means to carry on. God Forbid if an unfortunate event occurs to you, your family should not be burdened with the loan amount or they should be able to meet their day to day financial requirements. With the sum assured  your nominee will receive he/she can pay the EMIs for the loan, the electric bill, car maintenance, fund your child’s education, etc.

It’s true that no one can envision their own death, even though it will happen because life is unpredictable and none of us are immortal. But purchasing a term plan will still remain undecided because of the perception of endless tomorrows. While you may think that insurance is not a need right now and you may be reluctant to spend any money on premiums but is a small amount of premium more important than your family’s security?

Secure your loved ones today and insure your love!

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