No Shave November – It’s Not Only About The Beard, It’s Much Bigger

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No Shave November is a widely accepted trend amongst the youth of today. The idea behind this trending term is to not shave your beard or moustache for a period of one month every year, i.e. in the month of November. The month-long event is also popularly known as Movember (an acronym for Mo from the word moustache, and November as in the month). Although it is widely accepted by the masses, only a few people actually know the significance of the event.

Here, we shall discuss everything you need to know about why really people value ‘No Shave November‘ every year.

The Trend: What Do People Do?

The men who wish to participate in the cause do not shave their beards or moustaches for a period of one month. The basic concept involves donating the money that the man saves by not shaving his beard to a noble cause of helping people fighting cancer. It also denotes an active participation of spreading awareness in the community regarding the harmful effects of cancer.

The participants of the event also refrain from shaving their legs and letting their body hair grow free for a month. However, there is no specific strict code for the event and the participants can groom or trim their hair in case they need to follow an office dresscode.

The month is dedicated by men across the world in spreading the awareness for specifically men related health issues like prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

What Happens with the Money?

The money donated by individuals from across the globe is collected by various non-profit organizations and foundations in order to fund cancer research as well as help cancer patients pay for their treatments. Therefore, the money goes to a noble cause of helping people in dire need of money to treat cancer.

The money also goes towards internet-based and offline campaigns that aim at spreading awareness for the diseases.

The Cause Behind No Shave November

The main aim behind No Shave November is to spread awareness regarding cancer. It also signifies embracing the freely growing hair. It was started as an initiative to support people who often tend to suffer a great deal of hair loss while facing one or the other form of cancer.

The Severity of Cancer

As you might already know, cancer is a serious medical condition where a few active cells of the human body go rogue due to mutation, or some other external factor. This causes an unprecedented quick multiplication rate for these cells. Also, these cells keep growing and do not die when they are supposed to. This quick growth often blocks the circulation of blood in the body which may result in severe health complications.

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