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How to guide your child’s career decision?

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Becoming a parent is both terrifying and fascinating. It is terrifying because you have a human life completely dependent on you for his/her survival and it is fascinating because you get to live your childhood again through your child. You feel your heart swell up with pride when he/she takes his/her first step and your heart goes out to them when they cry because they bruised their knee. All in all, parenthood is like a rollercoaster; it’s full of up and downs, but there’s a big smile on your face at the end.

As a parent, it is your duty to guide your child whenever he/she stumbles or is confused as to which is the right path: the road that is frequently visited or the road less taken? In a world where the number of human beings has already crossed the 7 billion mark, jobs and other means of livelihood are hard to come by.

With increasing competition, every parent wishes for their child to have an edge over the rest and to achieve the impossible. To make this possible, they enroll their child in the premier educational institutions and the best coaching classes. All of this, along with different co-curricular activities, adds to the financial stress which every parent faces.

This leads to the question: how do you help your child realize his/her dreams to the fullest?

The answer doesn’t lie in curbing your child’s desires or his/her preferred career choice. As a parent, you know what the best is for your child; nobody but you know where your child’s strength and weaknesses lie. You have experience on your side; you know which fields are more rewarding and whether or not your child is a suitable candidate for the same. Moreover, and most importantly, you know a large number of people- some of them might be able to guide your child in the technical aspects of various fields.

Irrespective of what he/she chooses, do ensure that you’re in the best position to aid them financially.

There are various education plans in the market for all insurance companies realize how important it is for every parent to watch their child succeed.

An endowment plan catering to your child’s education and marriage can help you to fund your child’s educational goals. You can also choose a plan that provides an option of yearly pay out and loan facility in case of any emergencies.

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