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ULIP – A Gift That Will Earn Wealth Itself!

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Wedding anniversaries are often associated with love, marriage and celebration. It is the day where you would wish to make your spouse feel special and loved.

Jignesh, a married 30-year old professional had similar thoughts and plans for his anniversary. Jignesh has been thinking since the past few days of what would be the most appropriate gift for his wife. It’s not like he hasn’t bought gifts for his wife but what he thought is that over time, the novelty of the gift wears off and they lose their significance. There are birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, among others, and there are only so many gifts one can appreciate.

This year, Jignesh has decided to gift his wife something that will stay. And unlike other gifts that depreciate over time, he is determined to choose a gift that not only stays but also becomes more valuable with passage of time. No, it’s not an expensive wine, handbag or a watch that Jignesh is planning to buy. It’s money or rather a money-based gift like an investment.

How investing can make this anniversary special?

On an average every year, Jignesh splurges about 25,000 on Valentine’s Day and his anniversary. This year, he decides to give her cash, only the money won’t sit in her hands or bank account. Instead, it will be invested in ULIP (unit-linked investment plan). Jignesh invests in a ULIP of Rs 25,000 dedicated to his wife. The plan will help her achieve something significant that the transient Valentine’s Day gift will not be able to give her.

His wife will receive a maturity amount that can provide her financial independence even post retirement. Jignesh chose to invest in Edelweiss Tokio Life Wealth Plus because this is a plan that will help in accumulating wealth to a great extent. It’s a plan where even the company invests with you in the form of premium boosters. This single plan will provide dual benefits of investment plus protection. It’s a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime as every wedding anniversary will mean a definite Rs 25,000 in the investment plan, something which her husband cannot back out from. It is a win-win situation where in they spend on a gift but the gift also gives them good returns!

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