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A safety net for times when you fall

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After a long time, I had gone with my family to watch a circus. Circuses, unlike older days, rely heavily on acrobatics and trapeze shows to make up for the lack of animals due to regulations against their performances. The trapeze artists were so skilful when it came to moving from one end of the tent to the other. A particularly impressive performance was about three women. They started with alternating their positions using the trapeze bars. Then they went on to exchanging their trapezes mid-air with each other. During one of such mid-air exchanges, one woman could not time her lunge and missed the trapeze. She then went into a free fall and the crowd gasped collectively, fearing she would fall down. But then everyone breathed a sigh of relief when she was caught in the safety net kept exactly for such an eventuality.

Safety net for life

After the show was over, we were driving back home. Both my kids and wife dozed off, tired by the constant gasping and clapping that they did during the show. I was at the wheel and was recollecting the episode of the woman falling down and getting caught in the safety net. What happens if while juggling our work, personal, and social life, we miss our timing and are thrown to the ground? Will there be a safety net that will prevent us from meeting with a fatality? What if I were to suffer from a critical illness? Will there be a safety net that will protect us from the financial burden of a critical illness?

Yes, there is a safety net

A critical illness plan like Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ is the safety net that you need for protecting yourself when you are felled down with a critical illness. A critical illness gives you a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with one of the pre-listed illnesses. This amount is released on the basis of a diagnosis report of the doctor and is not subject to conditions of hospitalization etc.

This plan proves to be an income replacement for you. During the time that you are recovering and down with a critical illness, you may not be able to engage yourself in a gainful occupation. Your capacity to earn income would be limited. In such a situation, you may struggle to make ends meet. You may have EMI’s, children’s school fees, maintenance expenses etc that need to be paid. With the lump sum amount that you receive as the pay out, you can see to it that all your expenses and liabilities are paid off as regularly as they were being paid.

Generate a quote today for a critical illness policy and ensure that there is a safety net that protects you when you are down with a critical illness.

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