5 Good-For-You Resolutions for 2020

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It is time to look back at 2019, pretend to think while sipping your chai, remember the resolutions you made for 2019, laugh at some, be proud about some and think about the year to come. This time it’s not just a new year, it is the start of a whole new decade! Keeping that in mind, let’s make some resolutions for 2020. And, let’s make resolutions which you can actually achieve.

5 Good-For-You Resolutions for 2020
  1. Give up ONE bad habit

Be it the not-so-cool smoking, not-so-occasional drinking or being negative, not reading enough (menus don’t count), running behind schedule, picking your nose in public. These are bad habits that hold you back in life. Try giving one of these up for starters.

  1. Go meet the friend who hit you in 3rd standard on the last bench

Instead of stalking your friend’s social media profile and posting comments like “Nice pic, dear” on everything he/she posts. This year, plan to personally meet your old friends from school or college and say that to their face. Don’t be lazy.

  1. Eat healthy

This is not a new resolution, in fact one of our earliest childhood memories is reading “Health is the real wealth” on the classroom board. While we know, you can’t just start eating bland and boiled food all of a sudden, to start with, at least make 2020 a year of less sugar. While this is slightly easier than taking a target of losing those 22 extra kilos, it sure will help you get there if coupled with a proper diet and exercise.

  1. Don’t spend your fake sick leaves like a couch potato – Travel instead!

Some of us pretend to work hard to earn money, some of us come up with innovative excuses to take sick leaves and some of us have interns. But our ultimate goal is to take care of our family’s expenses and make our lifestyles better. But don’t forget, the greatest legacy you can leave for your family, is happy memories. So make sure to plan at least 2 vacations with your family this year.

  1. Live Zindagi Unlimited

If you don’t have it already, buy a Life Insurance plan, because your family deserves a financially secure future. The most precious gift you can give to your family, is to make sure, financial problems never stop them from achieving their dreams. A term insurance cover is just the financial tool for the job.

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance, wishes you a Happy New Year 2020

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