Here are 5 Fun Activities to Keep your Family Sane During the Lockdown

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Let’s be honest, none of us are used to being together all the time. Schools and offices are going to be shut for some time now because of the COVID19 pandemic lockdown. And the thought of staying at home has proved to be stressful for most of us.

For parents, it has become important than ever to make time, sit with their kids and plan their day. It is time we wrap our head around the situation and make the most of our time home!

Here are 5 fun ideas to keep the kids engaged and the family sane:

1. Look at old photo albums

It’s time to bring down the old-dusty suitcase filled with old photos, huddle around it and play guess who! There are bound to be stories. And the whole family might just spend hours reliving happy memories!

2. Build a den or a fort

All you need is a big blanket few chairs and there you have it! A cosy little den for your little one is ready! In it you can play board games, tell stories, read books, whatever rocks the den!

3. Make up a new dance

Exercise is important, why not make it fun! Pick a song you all like and start learning some new moves!

4. Create a Treasure Hunt

Now, the Treasure Hunt can be as elaborate and educational you want it to be! Set up interesting challenges to get the clues, make up quizzes, make them do chores, add a dash of arts and crafts, go crazy!

5. Learn Origami

Be it a paper plane which you can fly across the room or a frog which you can race, Origami is a skill which is fun and creative!

Think of the lockdown as a unique opportunity to re-connect with your family, be creative and most importantly have loads of fun. We can limit our media exposure, teach the kids about COVID19, dispel any rumours which they might’ve heard and focus on positive things. Afterall, remember, this too shall pass!

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