Mediclaim it's different from a critical illness plan! Mediclaim is health insurance, and critical illness is loss of income insurance. Mediclaim is good, but not good enough. You have bought a medical insurance plan. So you feel that you have protected yourself against the financial damage that a critical illness will result in. You are
  1. I have time, I will invest later The effect of compounding is of the essence when it comes to long term investments. The early you start, the less you will have to pay and returns will be higher too. The golden rule to follow is P.E.R.L. It means, the investment should be Purpose
It is always difficult to predict the future as one is generally apprehensive about how finances will be in the coming years. This very aspect is bordered by a lot of uncertainties and unknown elements. Chances are, - You might outlive your savings. - You might have expensive medical care needs - High inflation might