Santa Claus was always everyone's favourite character. Gifts! Receiving and giving them is one of the best things about the festive season. But if you are prone to procrastination, buying gifts can seem like a real chore. So, when Christmas does loom large, the panic levels start to rise. The worst part is that
Rajesh often dreaded as the end of the financial year would begin to approach. He would panic and end up taking hasty financial decisions like saving in random tax-saving instruments by simply considering the advice given by his friends or colleagues. Can you relate to the above situation? Just like Rajesh, most of us repeat
We go for walks, participate in marathons, and avoid sweets and fried foods, all with an aim to improve our physical health. But, what about our financial health? What are we doing to improve that? The most important aspect of financial planning is growing your wealth along with saving taxes. But that doesn’t just involve