Raj and his dad were having breakfast; Raj then asked his dad a question, “Why do you always prefer to invest in life insurance?” His dad replied, “It's because life insurance can help in fulfilling two objectives financial security for the family and tax saving.” Raj then interrupted, “But isn't it too early to
Most of us tend to procrastinate with tax planning. We only start planning when the financial year is coming to an end and accountants are busy fixing up everyone’s books. However, last-minute rushing is not a sensible decision if you want to save money from taxes. To invest your money in tax-saving instruments during the early quarters
  Efficient tax planning can help you to save a good amount of money in the long run. With smart tax planning, you can enjoy your income to the fullest and achieve your financial goals as well. Tax planning can be done in a simple way; you just need to follow the five amazing ways
By embracing the art of yoga you can let go of stress and attain that elusive peace of mind. We lead a fast-paced life. As we are surrounded by fast cars, fast foods, high-speed internet and all sorts of luxuries at our fingertips, and yet we find ourselves waging a war against time; 24 hours
Raj was a young IT professional who earned a fairly decent amount of monthly income. Everything would go smoothly in his life until the second week of the month. Post the second weekend of every weekend, Raj’s bank account would reflect almost negligible savings. Do you share a similar experience as Raj? Where are you
Among all the planning you do Financial Planning is perhaps the most important but mostly ignored planning exercise. Financial Planning requires you to consider planning about your life. It entails considering budgeting, savings, investments, taxes, insurance, retirements, and important life stage planning like children education, marriages etc. It is an exhaustive process. But it is
  We celebrate children's day every year on 14th November. The best way to celebrate it is to spend time with your children. This is the real celebration. You are time-starved busy professional. As a parent providing money for your children is easier than allocating special time for them. “If you want your children to