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Are Your Kids Proud of You?

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Are your parents your role model? Are you proud of them? Irrespective of the answer, you could be the best role model, your kids can have.

Children need models rather than critics.” Joseph Joubert, French moralist

Unfortunately, parents become critics of their kids. What children need is a role model. A role model is someone whose conduct and performance inspire others. As parents, your conduct is on the test. Your kids are the evaluators. If your conduct is inspirational, you pass. You become their role model. They will be proud of you.

Here is your behaviour checklist your kids evaluate to select their role model.

  1. Respect Your Parents

They learn from you how to treat parents. Not by listening what you say but by observing what you do.

Treat your parents with respect and your kids will respect you for life. They learn the respect elders in the family deserve.

They are smart enough to differentiate between good and bad behaviour.

  1. Polite with People

If you quarrel with others often, your kids learn from you. But as they grow, they will lose respect for you.

The more they are exposed to the society, the more they know about the qualities of a good human being.

They will respect you for your friendliness with the people around you.

  1. Speak Truth

This is very important. You teach your kids the values of being truthful. But when you are not practising it, kids know it.

Another aspect of the truth is to be consistent. Changing your view without a reason does not go well with your kids

They will learn what they see and what they are told. By common sense, no one earns respect by being a liar.

  1. Spend Time with the Family

If you have time for the family, your kids know your family is valuable to you more than your other priorities.

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” Charles R. Swindoll

Spending time together is the memory they will cherish.

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  1. Pursue Good Hobbies

If you play sports or read books, or pursue a good hobby your kids will emulate you. Your good things will have a permanent impact on their mind.

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  1. Respect Women

This can have huge social ramification. Your respect for women will make them respect the women.

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” James Baldwin, novelist, and social critic

  1. Spend Wisely

If you spend wisely they will observe you. You need not be a miser but a smart spender. Smart and thoughtful ways to deal with the money go a long way to make your kids sensible with the money.

Even if you are a moneyed person, your sensibilities in spending money will earn the respect of your kids.

  1. Kindness

When you serve other needy people, your kids notice it. When you are kind to the people, your kids notice it.

When you have less money and yet you help others, your kids will appreciate it.

Your kids want their first role model at home. Like you want to be proud of your kids, they also want to be proud of their parents.

Children’s day is only one day, rest all days are parents’ days. Play your role well. Give your kids a chance to be proud of you.

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