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How I Helped My Friends

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Oh hello there! Let me introduce myself. I am Insurance I know, you’re here to know more about me and not my friends, but please bear with me. Let me give you a quick snapshot into the lives and routines of my friends and how I helped them.

Akhil is a jet setter and a go getter. He works for an MNC. He is well versed with the technicalities of his profession. Out of the 52 weeks in a year, he travels, both domestically and internationally, for almost 26 of them. Most weekday mornings he wakes up early and cooks a power breakfast for himself. This gives him a good start to the day. Then he’s off to the office for hours upon hours of hard work. Akhil makes for a classic busy bee.

I helped Akhil through a retirement plan. Akhil works hard at his job. He loves what he does, but his job constrains the time that he has to himself. Akhil dreams of retirement because he can finally pursue the leisurely activities he loves, like golfing and reading. With my help, Akhil is building up a retirement corpus that will let him maintain his lifestyle’s needs even when he doesn’t have a regular income to fall back on.

Sanjay has a 3-year old son, Karthik, who has just started going to school. He’s a bright student, and a complete joy to be around. His mother, Anita, drives him to school and back every day, while Sanjay spends his days working in the office. Every evening, the family spends time together, and at least once a month they all go out to enjoy a nice dinner, and maybe even a movie. Karthik and his parents paint the perfect picture of a happy family

Sanjay is the only earning member of the family, so he turned to me to secure his family’s future. He decided to opt for a term plan, and his annual premiums are fairly affordable. If anything were to happen to Sanjay the cover from the term plan will help give Anita and Karthik the financial stability that Sanjay would generally provide for them.

Renuka is a single, independent woman. She juggles professional and domestic responsibilities without a hitch. She rises to any challenge that life throws her way. Many praise her as a hard worker. Most evenings she returns home to practice yoga in a room where she can see the sunset. This gives her great serenity while keeping her healthy. You can always find Renuka composed and full of grace. She is the embodiment of beauty and brains.

As a young, independent woman, Renuka decided she needed to plan for her future. She might want to buy her own home, send her parents on a relaxing vacation, or welcome a new addition to her family. With my help, Renuka has managed to save money with ULIP, so that when the need arises, she has a ready fund she can draw from.

You may find that you, your friends, your loved ones and your acquaintances share many characteristics with the people I have mentioned. And like my friends, you and your family members too should invest in your own future by choosing an insurance plan.

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