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The Road To Recovery Part 4

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“The doctors say that I can start working in a month or so. It’s unbelievable! This entire journey has been an experience for me”, said Ramesh with a satisfied look on his face. Just then Ruhi called from inside, “You have to deposit the amount in the bank today. The home loan EMI is due in three days time.” Ramesh kept his hand on his forehead, “ Oh no, I had almost forgotten that. Have you brought your car?”, he asked. I nodded, “Come then, lets go to the bank”.

“Even these EMI’s are going on without any interruptions. Thanks to Edelweiss Tokio Life‘s critical illness care insurance policy”, he said. “ Did you have to give proof of all these expenses to claim the critical illness policy amount?” I was curious to know. “Nothing. I just gave them a letter from the hospital stating that I have to undergo the CABG procedure and they immediately credited my account with the Sum Assured of 10 lakhs. The amount is given just on the basis of diagnosis. No need of any other supporting documents. That’s the best part. You just have to show that you are diagnosed with one of their pre-listed critical illnesses and they give you the money. It’s pretty easy”, he explained.

We went into the bank and Ramesh deposited the cheque. On our way back, he explained to me more about the critical illness insurance plan. It was pretty simple. He completed the entire formalities online, including making the payment and submitting the documents. A medical test was done at a nearby facility and in a couple of days, he was sanctioned the policy.

I decided to buy one for myself. It would definitely help me if I meet with something as unpredictable as what Ramesh had encountered.

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