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The Story of a Father Who Had a Responsible Daughter

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Hello, this is Puneet. I have been living the retired life with my wife Anita for around 6 years now. Our beautiful daughter Jiya always took care of us, but today, we are completely lost. Jiya was taken away from us when she was just 30 years old. To us, she was always our little baby girl. My pension wasn’t a huge amount but it was enough for us to manage our daily necessities. Jiya, was an independent working woman and an extremely loving daughter. She would ensure that we live our lives to the fullest. She even provided us with finances and exotic luxuries once in a while. She was successful in her career but everything changed a couple of years ago.

Jiya had been feeling slightly ill for a while, so after much pestering from her mother, she finally decided to go and visit the doctor. It was bad news. There was a tumour, and she would need a surgery to get it removed. Apart from the surgery, there was also some chemotherapy that she had to undergo. The treatments were expensive, but Jiya had more than enough savings to pay for it all. Jiya fought hard, but eventually, she succumbed to it all. Anita and I were forced to say goodbye to her last month, and we’re still struggling to cope with the loss.

Before Jiya left us, she made us promise her one thing that we’d always continue to enjoy life and take holidays whenever we could. You see Jiya, was a smart girl, and she had purchased a term plan a long time ago. She would pay the premiums every year, and after she passed away, Anita and I received the money from the plan. She had set it up so that we received some of the money every year. Anita and I don’t intend to break our promise. We’re going to use the money Jiya left us to visit all the places she wanted us to go to.

We’re lucky to have had a daughter like Jiya, one who always thought about the future. Not just her own future, but our future too. You may be Jiya’s age, or you may be older than her, or perhaps a few years younger. As a father, I ask you to do one thing always take care of your family first. Jiya did, and even though the money doesn’t make up for all the things we miss about her, it does leave us with a sense of pride, and peace of mind, knowing that we won’t have to worry about money in the future. We’re thankful that she took measures to ensure we’d always be financially secure, and we’re going to use the money she left us wisely.

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