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Top 5 Financial Lessons from Baahubali

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The legend of the Mahishmati kingdom has gained positive reactions from fans all over the world. The epic splendour of the film has a thrilling effect, the war sequences of the film will leave you mesmerized. From being patient to never letting emotions blur one’s judgement, Bahubali carries many significant lessons for investors. Here are some significant financial lessons from Baahubali that every investor can utilize:

  1. Playing The Waiting Game:

Baahubali gives up his right to the throne but never loses sight of the kingdom. To finally gain the kingdom it took two generations. In the same way in the field of investing, the waiting game ultimately pays off.

  1. Greed at the Wrong Time Can Be Your Undoing:

Baahubali’s brother surrenders to greed and that ultimately proves to be his downfall. Baahubali, on the contrary, was greedy at the right time. In the same way, in the investment ground you need to know when to be greedy and when to be fearful. Greed at the bottom of the investing cycle and fear at the top is fine but the reverse can be devastating for you.

  1. Never Let Emotions blur Your Judgement

This was the underlying theme of Baahubali. Whether he was confronted by his affection towards his mother or his loyalty towards his wife, Baahubali never allowed emotion to come on the way of his judgement. Emotions are your biggest enemy while investing. You normally tend to follow the herd mentality and you tend to get swept away by emotions. Like Baahubali, your investment decisions must be driven by cold logic and incisive analysis.

  1. Have a shield

Baahubali had his shied and people to fight enemies and troubles. In your life, insurance can play that role for you. No matter what your financial strength, you could lose it all if you’re not adequately insured. It could be due to a health issue or the loss of the family’s bread winner. It’s important that you safeguard yourself and your family from the financial hits of such tragic events. Life Insurance and Health Insurance plans are essential to any financial portfolio. They may not be investment assets, but they will keep your investments safe in case life unleashes a wrecking ball in your direction.

  1. Be well prepared

Just like the character Baahubali, you need to be alert and well focused. You need to be geared up to face financial troubles, because it comes without warning. While life insurance can help you in taking care of your finances, you need an emergency fund to carry you through difficult events such as the loss of employment. An emergency fund is a must have. This would avoid you from sinking into your long-term investments, and keep you going till you’re back on your feet again. Ideally, your emergency fund should be able to cover you six to twelve months of your fixed and variable monthly expenses.

You may not be the fair heir to a mythical kingdom, but you could still be rich. Invest systematically, insure against life’s vagaries, borrow smartly—and keep believing in your money dreams.

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