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Critical Illnesses Need Vital Preparations

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Ahmed used to have regular and persistent headaches. At times, the headaches were accompanied by blurred and distorted vision. At times, he used to clutch his head and felt like he was going to collapse on the ground. He continued popping pain-killer pills and carried on with life. Things worsened when suddenly one day, during a bout of headache, he found himself struggling to walk and felt as if he had no control over his limbs. He was admitted to hospital and his worst fears came true when he was diagnosed with a cyst in his brain, medically termed as a benign brain tumour.

Benign brain tumour

A benign brain tumour is less dangerous than a cancerous one as it does not spread to adjoining tissues or to other cells of the body. However, it can lead to impairment of the normal functionality of the brain leading to severe complications. Tumours develop because at times, a group of cells develop and grow abnormally forming a mass of cells. The good part about Ahmed’s condition was that his condition was treatable. A surgery needed to be performed to remove the tumour followed by rest and he would be perfectly fit to resume normal life.

The challenge

The challenge was less physical and more financial. Although Ahmed had a mediclaim, he needed funds as his insurance provider did not support a cashless claim. Moreover, post operation, he would have to take rest for a period of 2-3 months during which he would not be able to go to work. His employer may not sanction a paid leave. This would mean that he would not earn any income for some period of time. He had EMI’s, monthly utility bills, children’s school fees etc to pay.

He was bracing himself for a tough time in the next 2-3 months.

Well-prepared is well-armed

A critical illness can, like the above example, suddenly derail your life and plans. You need to be prepared in advance for a critical illness. A critical illness plan can help you in this regard. A critical illness plan is an income replacement plan wherein, on diagnosis of a pre-listed critical illness, the policyholder is paid a lumpsum amount which he can use in any way that he deems fit. He can make payments to the hospital, use it for his EMI’s or pay his children’s school fees etc. The best part is that this payout is released just on the basis of diagnosis of any of the pre-listed critical illnesses, as many as 17 in the case of Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+.

Preparation is vital to ward off the financial burden of a critical illness. Generate a quote today to keep yourself financially prepared to deal with the occurrence of a critical illness.

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