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Being a smart investor in your 20s

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Meet Siddharth – a software engineer employed at a fast-growing MNC in India. He graduated at the top of his class, making his father and mother proud. Siddharth was dedicated to his work and his dedication slowly made him rise through the ranks in the company. Over the course of twelve years, Siddharth became a respected member of the company and has gotten multiple offers from other companies too. He had gotten married and the couple have a four-year old daughter. Everything was going great for Siddharth. He had a loving wife. His parents were extremely proud of him. However, there was one tiny glitch. Siddharth wasn’t happy.

He loved his family and they loved him back. He was financially stable and he was well-liked by everyone. His superiors admired his work. Then, what can plague a man who has almost everything? Siddharth had different dreams; he had always dreamt of opening his own restaurant. However, his parents had looked down upon the idea and Siddharth had taken up engineering. Now that he was in his late-thirties, he thought it was time for him to follow his dreams.

A wise man had once said, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

Siddharth had made up his mind; he gave in his resignation letter, much to his parents’ dismay and started looking for investors. Times were difficult and he wouldn’t find anyone who’d invest in a restaurant run by someone without a culinary degree. Just then he realized he had invested in ULIPs years ago right from his first salary.

Now, fifteen years later, the policy had matured. Siddharth had a healthy sum of money in addition to all the money he had paid over the years and some more too, thanks to the power of compounding and fund performance. Siddharth is still amazed that so many benefits could come from taking something as basic as an insurance policy.

Today, his restaurant is successful and everyone is proud of him. It was the best decision that he ever made.

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