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Why should you be prompt in buying a critical illness policy?

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You must have seen horseshoes being placed or hung at the doorstep of a lot of houses. Ever wondered why people do that? Well, ostensibly, to ward off the evil eye. But how do they know that the evil eye will strike their homes? They don’t! That’s why the horseshoes. Better safe than sorry, isn’t it? The same is the case with critical illness plans. The earlier you buy it, the more secure is your financial position. Be well-prepared to ward off the evil eye of a critical illness.

But how does a critical illness plan help?

A critical illness plan is an income replacement plan offered by life insurance companies. On diagnosis of a pre-listed critical illness out of the many covered by the policy, you will receive a full payout of the Sum Assured. This amount will be given to you without any strings attached in terms of number of days hospitalized, admission in enlisted hospitals etc. This amount can be used by you in whichever way you may deem fit. You can use it for out-of-pocket expenses like transportation, accommodation etc of your loved ones if you are getting admitted to a hospital for a procedure or a long duration. You can use this amount to pay off your EMI’s or your children’s school fees etc.

The younger you are, the cheaper the plan

Apart from being secure for a longer period, what goes in your favour if you buy a critical illness plan like Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ early and promptly is that as you advance in age, the risk of various diseases increase and hence premiums may rise. The earlier you buy, the lower is the rate that you receive from your life insurer.

Generate a quote today for Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ online. It keeps you protected from the financial burden when the evil eye strikes in the form of a critical illness.

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