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Don’t Let Accidents Disable Your Family!

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Ashish’s friend Ajay, just met with an accident. He was immediately shifted to the ICU. His wife was really upset and she was really afraid after knowing her husband’s condition.

She was losing courage and was clueless about the hospital’s expenses as her husband had no life cover. After watching her condition Ashish said, “Nishika please calm down, please don’t get disappointed, nothing will happen.”

Nishika knew that no words would reduce her pain. At that time, Ashish understood that when our dear ones are hurt, the main sufferer is the family and without any financial security and cover they will be left in a financial as well as an emotional trauma.

At that time, Ashish realized that to cope with such kind of accidents the family should be armed with a potential life cover which has an Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Rider.

This rider provides you with a lump sum amount to cater to your immediate expenses in case your income earning capacity is hindered due to an accidental disability.

Of course, there is no way to protect your loved ones from any emotional stress but there is a way to protect them against the financial burden such events can bring about by opting for a term insurance with Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Rider and insuring your family against uncertainties.

When a spouse suffers from a severe and permanent injury and they will tell you that life changes drastically, in an instant. Without coverage, they find themselves against a wall they cannot surmount. Medical costs are exorbitant, the changes that need to be implemented for special care is expensive, and the even starker reality of not being able to provide the care your loved one will need slams home with incapacitating force.

Taking a term plan tailored to support and provide for your family in a time of crisis is something all parents should seriously consider. Taking a term life insurance means that if the worst case scenario does be to happen to you, they will not suffer from a financial setback.

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