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How Can You Fight With the Ghost in Your Life?

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Hi, I am Shrikant a financial advisor. If you thought horror stories are only related to ghosts let me tell you a horror story without any ghosts involved. It is only natural that we feel so safe and secured in our lives that we assume nothing could possibly happen to us. It is good to maintain an optimistic outlook but at the same time, we must prepare ourselves for uncertainties for the simple reason that they are uncertain.

It would be extremely ironic if someone selling life insurance to people didn’t have a life insurance himself. Well, that is what happened to Raj whom I knew personally. The man not only sold life insurance for a leading corporation but he held a senior position too in that corporation and earned big bucks. But his savings was virtually nothing. Neither did he have any life cover for himself or family nor a health/ Medical Insurance. He did not save for his child’s education; his car was on loan and lived in a rented house. He died at a pretty young age leaving his family clueless. When the wife approached the banker and paid off the entire due of the car she was completely surprised that there was a credit card due too. And unless the credit card due is paid the NOC of the car will not be released. She had to pay that too.

Friends, during my long career as a Financial Advisor I have come across many such incidents. The point is when we are alive we are so casual towards our lives that we do not care what could happen to the family in our absence? What will happen to children if suddenly something goes wrong with the parents? We all are earning, having a good time and only look at the good part of our lives! But those who face such challenges are completely shattered and find themselves at the mercy of the God.

At this juncture, Edelweiss Tokio Life – Zindagi Plus, which is a comprehensive, all-inclusive solution that remains relevant in the absence of the breadwinner. Edelweiss Tokio Life – Zindagi Plus, enables its customers to provide a financial protection for their dependents and go a step forward and cover their spouse as well.

If you have dependents or financial liabilities, then it is prudent to get life insurance. This will surely give you a sight of contentment when you are alive and even when you are gone making it a must rather than a choice.

Horror is all about fear and you wouldn’t want to live in fear all your life!

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