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When Everything Went Wrong!

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For Rohan, a marketing manager, yesterday was the day when nothing was going according to plan. It all began when he fell out of bed to see that his alarm clock hadn’t gone off. He was late for work! He rushed to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. But when he looked in the mirror after rinsing his mouth, he saw that his teeth had turned brown! Turns out he’d used a tube of his sister’s hair mousse instead of the toothpaste. He had no time to worry about that though, so he took a shower and went into the kitchen to grab a quick breakfast.

He didn’t want to miss the bus to work, so he rushed to his room to get dressed. He ran to the bus stop, only to learn that the transport corporation employees had gone on a strike. He decided to catch a train and walked all the way to the railway station.

After standing in the crowded train for an hour, he somehow managed to alight at his destination with his life and limb intact, though he was a bedraggled mess. He reached his office just in time for the meeting.

The meeting was important for Rohan since he was due to give a speech on the new software they’d developed for improving employee productivity. He took along with him the paper with his written speech and rushed to the conference room. He began cheerfully, “Good morning! Today, we will be unveiling software that will boost your productivity in the workplace. As you all know…” He’d unfolded the paper by this point to read aloud his speech. “A bunch of coriander, a dozen eggs… What?” He paused as he looked down in confusion at the paper, and realized that it was his mother’s shopping list! Everyone burst into laughter. He’d realized that it was just meant to be a day when everything would go wrong.

Rohan’s story shows that nothing in life is certain. While things may run smoothly most of the time, there may be tough times looming somewhere around the bend. It might not be pleasant or easy when things go wrong, but there are ways to deal with it. Opting for a term plan can help you keep it together, at least on the financial front.

Plans such as Edelweiss Tokio Zindagi Plus ensure complete financial security against the three Ds: disability, death, and disease. It offers :

Top up benefit An annual increase in the sum assured, starting from the first policy renewal

Waiver of premium benefit On diagnosis of specified critical illness, all future premium requirements are waived off.

Death benefit – A sum assured paid to the dependent on policy holder’s death, under three options – Lumpsum or monthly income or a combination of both.

Riders Available to enhance protection in case of accidental death, total and permanent disability, critical illnesses and hospitalization.

A fast and convenient way to buy insurance is to make the purchase online. Since you are buying directly from the insurer, and the entire process is virtual, it usually costs you lesser. Moreover, insurance companies such as Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance have a live chat option on their websites where you can have your queries resolved quickly.

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