Wealth Accumulation

How patience can help you to grow your money?

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The other morning, Amit and his six-year-old son, Rihan were tending their small garden.

They planted the garden together in the spring and shared the excitement of watching the seeds sprout and grow. Each day they both eagerly inspect the vegetables that are ready to harvest.

Rihaan was very excited when he found a couple of carrots starting to grow off the ground a sign they are getting ready to harvest.

“Are they ready for harvest?” Rihaan asked.
“It’s early to harvest them. We really should let them grow a bit longer.” Amit replied.

But after watching Rihaan’s excitement he agreed.
First, he plucked up a purple carrot- a little small one, then, an orange carrot – a little bigger one.

“Can I pluck one more?” Little Rihaan asked.
Amit said, “No, let’s wait, for them to grow. If we harvest the carrots in the initial stage they are of our no use as they are not fully grown. Once they grow completely we can enjoy eating them.”

Similar is with the case of money if we save in a bank, the tendency to withdraw the money will be higher and our money will not grow. But if you invest it in ULIPs for a long time and wait for it to grow, it will give you huge returns. Not just returns it will also provide protection in the form of a life cover.

The longer you stay invested, the better the returns. ULIPs are an investment option that helps you stay invested for a long term in a disciplined manner. It also helps you save tax.

Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Plus has been crafted after keeping customer needs and requirement in the mind. It doesn’t have premium allocation & policy administration charges and it also provides additional allocation on every premium paid. The additional allocation increases every 5 years. If you are 25 years old and decided to invest Rs 5000 for 20 years, after maturity you will get Rs 77 lac.

Features of Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Plus

– Zero allocation and administration charges.

– Additional allocation ensures that 100% of premium paid by you is allocated to the fund(s) as per your choice and Investment Strategy. In addition to this, the plan provides additional allocation every year starting from the 1st Policy Year till the end of the premium paying term.

– Extra Allocations added with every premium in the first 5 policy years 1%

– Premium Booster added at the end of each year starting from the 6th policy year till the end of the premium paying term. The Premium Booster added each year to the fund are 3% for 5th 10th year, 5% for 11th 15th year, 7% for 16th 20th year.

– Rising Star Benefit which will protect your child’s future in your absence.

– Unlimited switches without any cost

Tax benefits

Thus have patience to let your money grow for 10, 15 or 20 years to enjoy the maturity benefits.

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